SEAT Leon Cupra 300: Power and more

SEAT currently boasts the most powerful road car they’ve ever had, the Leon Cupra 300 – and the power of the car just the start.

The new flagship car from the Spanish brand is available in three body styles; SC, five-door and ST, with each of them offering a highly rewarding driving experience. With the safest, most reliable, functional and advanced technology on the market, the newly uprated 2.0 TSI engine is just one of the exciting features.

To get the most out of such a potent machine, the Leon CUPRA also comes with dynamic chassis control (DCC), a progressive steering system and electronic self-locking differential as standard. With the ability to act as a high-performance vehicle and a practical family car, this hot hatch has all angles and corners covered. Corners that the comfortable, reactive steering system help drivers glide round with aplomb.

Top speeds of 155mph illustrate just how powerful the Cupra 300 really is. But this is a car for excitement. The truest experience of the Cupra 300 can only be had behind the wheel with one’s foot on the pedal – taking it to it’s higher speeds and accelerating quickly, loudly and proudly.

For more information on this special, powerful car, head to Seat’s website and maybe even book yourself a test drive; experience the feeling of the Seat Leon Cupra 300 for yourself.