Samsung to launch QLED TV in NYC

Today the tech-innovators at Samsung are launching a game-changing new TV in New York City.

The new QLED TV takes light and turns it into breath-taking colour. It’s going to make nights in spectacular and days spent watching the football feel as if you’re in the stadium. After the launch, Samsung are confident that we are soon to discover bold contrast like never before – night and day, literally.

With extremely low light reflectivity, QLED TVs deliver an incredible picture and impeccable contrast across a wider variety of lighting environments than any other, meaning this really is the next step forward for television. A unique curved shape means you’re always watching from the perfect angle, whilst the abilities to stream just about anything creates the potential to watch all of your favourite and latest movies, box sets and more like you’ve never seen them before.

An exciting day in New York, then…

You can tune into the launch via Samsung’s Facebook page.