Salvatore Ferragamo UOMO: The scent of life

Salvatore Ferragamo has crafted both the sense and the scent of Italian life, releasing this special perfume in the summer of last year; UOMO.

Launched in the fitting location of the Boboli Gardens in the very heart of Florence, sculptures, oak trees and fountains surrounded all present at this unique event where UOMO was announced. A few months on and into 2017, and such pleasantries are being enjoyed, embodied within one of the finest male fragrances on the market.

Encased in a beautiful container of both glass and rubber, the bottle is both tough and elegant. The warm yellow of the perfume inside is reminiscent of those summer days in Florence, the natural home of this aroma that connotes Italian lifestyle.

This lifestyle is not a question of simply style – although we can’t deny the Italians have a knack for that. It is more so an attitude, an appreciation of the art of living, an enthusiastic approach to every detail and every moment. With its fine oak wood smells and intricate┬ádesign, Salvatore Ferragamo UOMO symbolises this in a perfume.

This exquisite fragrance for me is available to buy now and can be purchased directly from their elegant website.