Reebok x Victoria Beckham


One of Britain’s most prestigious brands and of its style icons have recently paired up, as Reebok has joined forces with Victoria Beckham.

The former Spice Girl was at the front of popular culture in the nineties, the same time when the iconic Reebok Classic was, too. Two decades on, both Posh Spice and the sporty fashion brand are still at the forefront of what’s cool, so their pairing up makes a lot of sense.

And there are elements of that ‘Girl Power’ that Victoria has prided herself on throughout her career. Both Reebok and Beckham encourage women to embrace their imperfections, advocating individualism and breaking down barriers.”It’s incredibly exciting to work with such an iconic brand that epitomizes my belief in encouraging women to be the best version of themselves,” says Beckham in the press release that followed this undeniably big news. As a brand that boldly stands for those who express themselves, Reebok is committed to creating unique apparel and footwear for women and now, with Beckham onside, they’ll be doing so with one of the world’s great fashion minds.

“Having the opportunity to realize my aesthetic within a sportswear environment is something that I have long wanted to do,” explains Victoria, whose partnership with Reebok will see her enter a new realm of fashion in her career. It is this exploring of new territory, despite already being regarded as a legend of fashion, that is to be admired about Victoria as she and Reebok begin a new chapter together.

Expect to see a collection between Reebok and Victoria Beckham very soon and, expect it to be good, too.