Range Rover PHEV



Car manufacturers embracing the future of technology is a wonderful thing – and that’s why Land Rover’s adoption of PHEV for their iconic Range Rover is good news.

PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, meaning a Range Rover PHEV combines a conventional engine with an electric motor and a battery. Charged from an external power supply and using regenerative braking, these vehicles seamlessly select and blend the engine and electric motor to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.

The vehicle in question delivers an output of 404hp, and CO2 emissions from 64g/km, using the combination of an advanced 2.0 litre 300hp Si4 Ingenium petrol engine and a high capacity 85kW electric motor. Lots and lots of numbers that mean lots and lots of power, with the efficiency that makes it all make sense. When it comes to capability and performance, PHEV is precise and uncompromising and is fully capable of handling off-road situations, too.

And, that seamless transition between the two sources of all this power makes driving a Range Rover PHEV a driver friendly experience. Choose from Parallel Hybrid mode (the default driving mode) which combines petrol and electric drive or the full electric drive of EV (Electric Vehicle) mode.

This vehicle embraces the future by combining the best of both worlds – it’s exciting times at Land Rover and exciting times for the car world.