PX noise cancelling headphones adapt to you…

The difference between those headphones you got free with your smartphone and the ones at the top of the market is far bigger than you think – and you don’t need to be an audiophile to tell the difference.

Bowers & Wilkins have begun to lead the way in terms of the high-quality audio that they can get out of their headphones and into your ears, fitting their products with tweaks and technological breakthroughs that make them more than just headphones.

The new PX headphones are always adapting to you and your environment. Whether you’re walking through the city, airport, office, or more likely, trying to catch some peace on the back of the bus en route to the game, they adapt to you. That means they can cut out the rushing of traffic from whatever you’re listening to and you walk through the city, but also cut out your own noise as you sneak into the quiet office.

The way they adjust makes a completely natural music experience like that new Giggs mixtape is being rapped just for you by the London artist, wherever you are. When you remove the headphones, the music stops, too, meaning you don’t miss a beat, a bar or a conversation in the world outside of your music.

Headphones have become incredibly smart, doing more than pumping your favourite music into your ears and B&W’s PX are doing more than most.