PUMA Heritage: Super Atom


PUMA is a brand with heritage and history, we know that.

Founded across the other side of the river from adidas, this German giant of sporting retail is among the most iconic in the world, especially in football.

The PUMA Kings, famed by no less than Pele back in the day, are an iconic pair of football boots that have stood the test of time to be worn in the present day. A pair that you’re less likely to see on the feet of football’s elite these days, though, are the PUMA Super Atoms – true collectors’ item.

These amazing pieces of footballing memorabilia have been re-released by the brand in an incredibly limited edition, as a celebration of sixty-five years passing since their first screw-in studded football boots. With scrutinous detail applied to every stitch, they are a carbon copy of the originalsĀ from back in 1952 – but there’s no carbon fibre in sight. They bring a whole lot of leather with their distinctive shape and high-cut silhouette, and the heavy bottoms are just as good-looking as the outside, too, with those screw-in studs that were revolutionary at the time.

In a time of mouldedĀ studs and sock-shaped football boots, the re-release and tribute to football history that these Super Atoms bring are a welcome sight. Only 100 pairs are available, so anyone looking to get their hands on and feet in these historic football boots should act quickly.