Issue 45 Future


What’s going to happen in the future will remain a bit of a surprise for all of us, but nonetheless we put in some research to make our own future forecast. We had a talk with the Pogba brothers because they’re the type of footballers whom we regard as that future generation. Designer Astrid Andersen gave the ins and outs about the future of fashion. We believe she’s pacing her way towards writing history for the fashion industry with the season-proof, gender fluid designs she creates. The current heat is all about present and future star Nathan Aké, who has made his transfer from Bournemouth to Chelsea at the mere age of 21. We talked to him about the long life in football he has ahead of him.

Of course we know that as time passes, the world evolves. Meaning that through technically advanced developments, football and the culture accordingly are changing as we speak. Experts in mental and physical health, lifestyle and technique told us all about what we have to prepare for in the Future of Football interview we’ve done. Talking to all of these sources of inspiration to us was the perfect glimpse of the future – we hope you find yourselves inspired, too.