Issue 44 Desire


DESIRE – We all have them. Be they in our careers or locked up in our mind, they are present and that’s why this issue of LAF is dedicated to them. We’ve got Sol Campbell, an Arsenal and England legend discussing what drove him to the success he enjoyed on the pitch as well as what is currently motivating him off of it. Plus, Loris Karius, the much-spoken-about Premier League goalkeeper with the ambition to keep strikers at bay – he is inside the two covers graced by a couple with desire for each other; Michel and Daisy Vorm. Expect our usual inspired coolness as we grace topics such as online dating, watching on as the landscape of love-life changes in our modern world whilst those desires stay the same. All this along with features on the innovative Raya and Facetune, and an appearance from Victoria’s Secret in an issue fitting of such a theme.