Issue 43 Warner


NOIR – The latest edition of Life After Football is here – and it is dark. ‘Noir’ is the theme as we take that concept in several directions. Typically, the fashion world gets attention as we look at the history of black as not only a stylish, symbolic colour, but also crown it as the ‘king of colours.’ 

Up and coming designer, Rushemy Botter speaks to us about his insightful take on fashion, whereas emotive insights are given from former footballer, Ulrich Van Gobbel in our Seven Sins feature. 

The power football has to overcome darkness is exemplified by Favela Street, an inspiring charity who steer girls from the favelas of Brazil away from a life of crime through street football. We speak to those involved in this incredible movement in ‘The dark days are over.’

And of course, a true highlight in this blackened issue is the 2016 Fashion Player Awards. Meet the whole shortlist in their own homes in their own style, in Life After Football magazine.