Issue 10 Leonardo Bittencourt


German soccer player Leonardo Bittencourt is one of the friendliest smiles and talented players to be found on the German pitch. Throughout the interview we did with him, we felt his faith: faith in himself, in his religion, in his team, in his surroundings and in his wife. Although the young German-Brazilian states he will never be fully satisfied, we definitely were when talking to him. Amongst other things in this issue, we have an elaborate interview with luxury streetwear Astrid Andersen, in which we talk about the future of fashion. The Pogba brothers are on about their charismatic, energetic family DNA and much more that explains their vibrant presence. Life After Football PRO 10 is now up for sale through our webshop.

In this issue:

  • Coverstory; Leonardo Bittencourt
  • Interview;  La Pogbance –  Florentin Pogba & Mathias Pogba
  • Astrid Andersen; Future of fashion
  • The Influence; Hussein Chalayan, Young Thug, Niek Pulles, Moise Kean
  • Interview 2; Nathan Aké
  • Shoot 1; Black mirror
  • Shoot 2; Holly Mae Brood – In sight, Off side

This and a lot more inspirational coolness in the latest Life After Football magazine.