Picture perfect: top-level dentist creates the best smiles on the pitch

Let’s be honest. It wouldn’t be the wisest move to put your goalkeeper into attack or have a defender operate as a striker, usually. Perhaps we should just put the ref in our line-up and see how that plays out. Not that well? We thought so, too..

The clever heads behind Lassus Dentists agree with us. The philosophy behind this dental practice is therefore different than usual. Instead of one person who does all the work, they work with a team of specialists, just like in a football team. In this way everyone operates in his or her own strength and specialty.

Should you have thought that is the only similarity this global team of talented smile-enablers slash dentists have, you’re wrong. Although we’re not sure how the transfer market exactly works in the field of dentistry, we’re absolutely sure the team behind Lassus has proven capable of setting up a strong, internationally oriented selection of top players, creating perfect smiles from and to all over the globe.

What once started at the Lassusstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid has grown into a true empire. Lassus stands for quality per specialty. Not just one by the way. We congratulate our friends at Lassus on their newest branch, a full-service practice with eight treatment rooms including two operating rooms, so you never have to be elsewhere for any dental treatment. From check-ups to creating entirely new smiles, everything is done under one roof. And recovering after such an intervention can be done in a separate room. Have your new smile captured in their full-function photography studio. Full-service is truly  full-service at Lassus, in which no professional field will be skipped.

This all-inclusive package also attracts many national and international top athletes to the Amsterdam dentist collective. With a video presentation they show you what your future smile could look like. And trust us: you have to be a tough guy to be able to say no to that!