The Milan-based NSS Factory, a group of designers who are gaining a reputation for their attention-grabbing work, have remixed a number of football shirts with household designer brands.

They were timely rolled out both for the Milan Fashion Week, and also ahead of the Milan Derby at the weekend. With such household names as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Vetements across the front, the blending of social class that these football shirts bring to the prestige of logos is a powerful statement – and one that certainly got people talking in the fashion-mad city last week.

The antics of Leicester City fans on their away trip to Madrid last week make the release of these shirts even more timely, with a number of England shirts reworked – one of them with ‘HOOLIGANS’ simply written across it. With Umbro, adidas and Puma among the kit manufacturers who have had their original work remastered here, the mishmash of brands is unconventional and as such, the exact sort of work that the fashion world loves to see.

What’s more is that these pieces of football, fashion and art are actually available to purchase here. With the pieces in a limited edition state, though, don’t be surprised if these disappear quickly.