Nike: Tom Sachs Nikecraft 2.0


Forever innovating, Nike has paired up with artist Tom Sachs for the second time, to release a shoe inspired by Sachs’ sheer curiosity.

Interactions with NASA’s highly specialised scientists helped to shape the NikeCraft Mars Yard that released in 2012, and that has been carried into the design of this latest edition, created as high-performance equipment for the building of Sachs’ ‘SPACE PROGRAM 2.0: Mars exhibition.’ Just five years on from the original, the NikeCraft Mars Yard shoe will re-launch in 2.0 form with a material update informed by Sachs’ long-term trial of the original shoes – it was thought to be one of the most high-quality shoes around at the time, yet the collaboration is improving it further.

The materials used to make the 2.0, some of which are the same as the original and some of which have been changed to seek improvements such as the cork inner lining or more street-friendly tread, are largely uncoloured. This means they hold the colours of the original material themselves, giving the sneakers a stripped bare, minimal quality. With so much attention going into the practicalities and durability of the shoe, the fact they also look great is either a coincidence or a testament to Nike and Sachs’ passion for all dimensions of design.

Such commitment to this aesthetic and to the raw materials is evident by the leaving of bumps and scratches on the shoes when they are finished, as they have not ever been sanded down or polished to buff out any marks. Sachs prides himself on this, stating on Nike’s website where a whole load of celebratory content on this release can be found, that; “people wear their scars with pride, so that’s another reason why we don’t polish the materials away — it’s storytelling.”

The shoes will be put to the test at Sachs’ space camps where those in attendance will undergo several mental and physical challenges as they look to challenge not just the sneakers, but also the human conditioning for such marvel space travel. The first Nike and Tom Sachs’ Space Camp opened on June 8 in New York, with an additional camp in London opening over the course of the month. Learn more at