Theme announcement: HEROES

The time has come to welcome in a new theme to our office walls and into the pages of our next issue.

We’ll be focussing on our inspirations, our role models, our leaders… our heroes. From who we idolised as children to the who the children idolise today. From Maradona to Messi. Cristiano to Cruyff. The players of tomorrow are the ones who will benefit the most from the best players in the world today. Settings like CVV Zwervers, the prestigious amateur and youth tournament that brings a host of footballing talent from across the whole of Europe to the Netherlands, is a perfect place to see the influence of footballing heroes. Who are the kids of today idolising?

New Life After Football theme: HEROES. Who is yours? from LAFMagazine on Vimeo.

It’s important to have heroes, not just in football but in life. They are people whose example we can follow – be they sportsmen, actors, musicians, political figures or even family. Having an idol is part of what makes us the person we are with their achievements, their mannerisms, their perspectives, rubbing off on all of us and usually for the better. Everyone has a hero – even your idol has an idol. What would Kanye be without Jay-Z? What would Jay-Z be without Biggie? What would Messi be without Ronaldinho?

Football is filled with heroes. They can change on a game to game basis – the hero of this week could score an own goal in the next. It’s part of the reason we love this game so much. It comes up with its own narratives and own storylines… and every good story needs a hero.

Look out for plenty of heroics and inspirational coolness from fashion to sport, in the next Dutch issue of Life After Football magazine.