New from adidas: Zero Negative Energy

adidas make no secret about their intentions to provide the very best their athletes – so much so that they work incredibly closely with them when it comes to designing their sportswear.

The Z.N.E range is still a fairly new addition to adidas’ enormous catalogue of work, but ‘Zero Negative Energy’ has proved to a popular incentive with the sportsmen and women who don the three-stripes. Superbly comfortable when training, relaxing or travelling, these hoodies are the sort of thing that top athletes wear every single day. Imagine Paul Pogba lounging around his Manchester crib, Gareth Bale jogging home after a quick run around the block in Madrid.

The full functionality of the range is geared around ensuring that athletes can clear their head of everything but the most important part of their career – training and performing. The adidas Z.N.E. Pulse collection has been developed with this insight. The extra-large hoodie or high collar make sure athletes find focus and maintain it. The various models, such as the Z.N.E. Pulse Knit, are comfortable and warm because of the use of merino wool. So, with the football season starting and the seasons changing, the ZNE collection is arriving just in time.

As per, adidas have the very best to try out, test and model this latest range. Pogba and Bale represent football in this new collection, whilst inspiring athletes such as Tori Bowie, the multi-medallist Olympian are also supporting the new stylish initiative from adidas.  

Christina Schramm, Senior Design Director, said:

“Knitting techniques open a huge innovation area for how to create and construct sportswear at the highest level of comfort. The use of functional and innovative yarns, the integration of open and dense structures and the construction of the garments without any seams provide huge functional advantages. This is combined with huge possibilities in terms of the combination of yarn colours, patterns, structures, surfaces and silhouettes – meaning athletes can look and perform great.”

The adidas Athletics Z.N.E. Pulse Collection goes on sale globally on 31st August 2017 and will be available for a presale exclusively on from 22nd August 2017. Visit Adidas for more information.