MVSA Cava: A perfect drink for the festive season

“MVSA” is a premium cava, yet an exclusive one, making it perfect for the festive season.

Brut Reserva

MVSA stands for a lifestyle where emotion, experiences and enjoyment are central! Their cava is a lively and sparkling drink that bubbles and bubbles until the night ends… If there’s something to celebrate, a wine like this will be a guest as welcome as your friends and family.

Everyone needs relaxing moments in life and MVSA Brut lets you enjoy every moment of it. The elegant taste and vibrant bubbles give you a feeling of everyday luxury. MVSA Brut combines pleasure, relaxation and happiness and lets you feel how you can get more out of your daily life. This cava changes into a party for a few minutes and makes you forget everything.

With a green-yellow look and a lively sparkle in the glass, the fruity aromas of ripe melon, banana and especially green apple can be seen as well as smelt and tasted. This cava has a dry, spicy and harmonious taste with a pleasant texture. It’s one that is going to be a welcome addition to the fridge and to the table and glasses this Christmas.

Try it in a cocktail, too!

Try it in a cocktail, too!