Moto and Hasselblad turn your smart phone into a high-end camera

Lenovo Moto is a company known for being original and despite being most famous for that iconic flip-phone back in the day, are still coming up with new and creative ideas to get the best technology into the market.

Their collaboration with Hasselblad, the legendary Swedish camera experts, has brought new levels of genuinely high-quality photography to the smartphone market. Attaching by magnet to the back of the Moto Z, the Hasselblad True Zoom features a 10x optical zoom, something that has long been lacking in the smartphone realm. Once installed, the True Zoom adds a physical shutter and Xenon Flash as well as this newfound zooming ability to help budding-smartphone photographers get the very best from their phone.

With a big 64GB available already on the Moto Z, there should be ample space to store plenty of high-quality photos taken by the add-on and saved straight to the phone – meaning a photo from the lens can be up on Instagram faster than you can ask for the wi-fi code. With HD video recording also available, this phone accessory could change the game for many whether they are amateur photographers or citizen journalists, and the work of Motorola and Hasselblad here will challenge others within their market to come up with similar solutions.

Released back in September, this photography add-on makes the Moto Z an even better option than it already is. It is already the world’s thinnest smartphone, making any extras barely an issue in terms of practicality, and with it’s IR sensors you can activate and use functions of this phone with the simple waving of a hand.

From the simplicities such as these to the technical brilliance of the Hasselblad True Zoom, this pairing is a duo that can answer the calls for truly brilliant photography in the smartphone and that has to be a wonderful thing.