Moto Z2 Play: Endless possibilities

In a world where smartphones seem to be adding new features and achieving new heights every day, Moto is still standing out as one of the brands that are doing the most.

The newest mobile from them, the Moto Z2 Play, boasts an encyclopedia¬†of special features and specifications – plus when you consider the wide range of Moto Mods on the market, the possibilities are endless. With so much going on, a good place to start with the Moto Z2 Play is it’s amazing battery life. Up to 30 hours of battery life once fully charged is a gigantic life span for the modern smartphone, especially when you consider all the actions that this phone will be doing once it’s up and running.

64GB and 4GB of RAM enables an extremely high performance throughout each and every one of those thirty hours. An updated¬†camera means auto-focusing is even faster with one of the finest camera to ever grace a smartphone. Plus, with the brand’s focus on modifying their phones with additional pieces of tech, a Hasselblad attachment means you can take your phone photography even further.

Once your photos are ready to share, of course, you can Instagram them and share them with the world quickly. But, what is even more exciting, is the Insta-Share projector add-on. It offers a truly old school feel to your photos, videos and whatever else you’d like to share from your screen and onto the walls of your home. With Gio van Bronckhorst gracing the cover of our next issue, there was only one thing we wanted to project from the Moto Z2 Play to the walls of our office…

For a full range of everything that this special phone can do, head to Moto and find out more about the Moto z2 Play and the mods that take it to the next level.