Maserati: 70 years of Grand Touring in 120 seconds

Italian touring kings, Maserati don’t need to educate many people on their rich history of crafting high performing vehicles.

Not only do their cars have a history on the tracks, reaching high speeds in quick time and perfecting handling, but they always look great, too. That trident logo is a seal of approval on each and every vehicle that leaves their factory on it’s journey to whizzing around roads all over the world.

This special history, though, is something that they have put back into the world with a stunning new video. At two minutes long, it captures 70 years of the Gran Turismo – a legend on the race track and a favourite on the road. From it’s dynamic shape to the intricate detailing of the luxurious interior, the video captures not only the history of this iconic car but also shows the brilliance of the latest model. If you fancy a quick history lesson, this is more than worth a watch…