LOVE ISSUE: Behind the scenes with Pupa Milano

Our his and her’s LOVE ISSUE is out now, ready to grace Christmas coffee tables and be read next to the fire.

We like to share the ‘making of’ each issue of Life After Football that we put our heart into, with the LOVE ISSUE getting such treatment more than most. We’ve got Joël Veltman on the front and his other half, Naomi on the back.

Halfway through the issue, it swaps from our usual male-orientated content and brands, towards women, and Care Cosmetics play a major part in that, bringing the glamorous Pupa Milano to our attention. Take a look behind the scenes of our production with the high-quality cosmetic brand for an idea of what to expect in this special his and her’s edition of LAF.

Enjoy and if you want to see more, be sure to order a copy of Life After Football.