London brand Own Fan Club release ‘Ceefax Collection’


Football fans of a certain age will remember a time before the smartphone. A time before 24-hour-news. Heck, even a time before we the Internet was so freely accessible. 

Back in those days, there was only one place to get your football news fix and that was Ceefax.

Also known as Teletext, assumably because of it literally being text on your television, this was the go-to place to find out about how your team is winning at half-time or that your favourite player is moving to Real Madrid on. And, the nostalgia lovers at the London lifestyle brand, Own Fan Club, have made a collection of t-shirts and a scarf inspired by this outdated medium.


A long sleeve tee in either green or black is on the offering, with detailing provided by the famous fonts that use to flicker on your non-flat screen TV. Add to that a scarf, covered in the same golden age font, and you’ve got a really smart, clever and pretty humorous collection from this brand.

If you’re interested in making one of these t-shirts your own, you can go and do so on their website. If you’re not interested, then you’re probably too young, too caught up with your illegal live streams and social media timeline to remember the Ceefax Era.