LEXUS LC500: Luxury meets performance


Lexus have crafted a reputation for luxury down the years, producing premium cars that are as comfortable to drive as they are to sit in the passenger seat within. But, in recent times, they are more than putting themselves on the map for adding some serious performance to their vehicles, without losing any of that luxury.

John Heitinga and Life After Football’s very own Regi Blinker had the pleasure of taking the Lexus LC500 for a spin – and you can read more about how they found putting the beautiful car to the test in our next issue – but for now, let’s break down why this car is so special.

First, the most obvious reasons; look at it. The wide body of this car catches the eye, with the large grill giving this car some real character. It looks regal, like any Lexus, but that big grill adds some fierceness to the design – you know upon setting eyes on it that this is a car unlike much else that the Japanese brand has produced to this day. It looks fast and it looks powerful, and the reality is just that.

471 horsepower and a 10-speed automatic transmission combine to create the most responsive vehicle Lexus have ever made, helping to make this car move from stationary to 60mph in 4.4 seconds. That’s quick enough to feel it in your stomach as you get going and glide to your destination. The low centre of gravity that this vehicle has means that the handling is excellent even at such speeds, plus the company’s ‘Safety Sytsem+’ now comes as standard – so speed and safety go hand in hand.

Inside the car, the driver still has plenty of beautiful design to look at. The cockpit of this machine is packed with technology, easy to use and able to enhance the driving experience even further. But all of this is lovingly tied all together by the slick, luxurious design of the interior. ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship adds so much detail and genuine care to the finish. Elements of it are hand-stitched, as the company’s passion for precision in everything they do adds the finishing touches to their efforts to combine performance with luxury.

It seems like they achieved their goal to do so with this one, but be sure to see what John and Regi think of the LC500 in the next issue of Life After Football.

(Photography from Ansho Bijlmakers)