#LAFTBT: Wenger’s strongest looks


On this day in 1996, a tall, skinny Frenchman was to change the landscape of English football, as Arsene Wenger took charge of Arsenal for the first time.

A 2-0 win at Blackburn Rovers was the perfect start for Wenger, as he worked towards hushing the English press, sceptical about this deep-voiced, sophisticated Frenchman who was banning chocolate bars and over contemplating their simple game. Le Proffeseur was the nickname given to him, not just for his thinking about how the game should be played or how his players should train, but also because of how he looked.

Tall, thin, spectacled and born in a plaited suit, Wenger’s style was a far cry from the tracksuited, ‘hit it up to the big man’ type managers who were the norm in the mid-nineties ‘Premiership’ era. But, through the glorified aesthetic of nostalgic film photography, as well as the lust for sportswear from this era, Arsene Wenger’s peak look has lived on. So much so that now, in 2017 – a whole 21 years since that soon-to-be-routine win over Blackburn Rovers, we bring you a collection of his strongest outfits.

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