LAFTBT: 3 great goals from Arsene Wenger’s record-breaking spell

811 Premier League games. EIGHT HUNDRED AND A ELEVEN.

That’s how many matches Arsene Wenger has managed in England’s top league, each of them for Arsenal football club. The Frenchman has become synonymous with the club, steadying it through two decades and picking up some memorable silverware on the way – not to mention a new stadium.

Whether you’re Wenger in or Wenger out, these are three goals from his amazing tenure that need to be remembered.

Thierry Henry vs Manchester United, 2000

Henry could have his own top three, maybe even a top 50, but this is one of his best. Flicking the ball up for himself to volley, the goal shows all the self-expression that Wenger likes to see from his players. Coming against their biggest rivals at the time, goals in games like this were pivotal in shifting the dominance of British football.

Jack Wilshere vs Norwich City, 2013

Few goals depict Wenger’s perfect style of play so well. At their best, Wenger’s Arsenal have been irresistible over the years, proving that passes and movement can create beautiful moments. This wasn’t a big game but it was a big goal, as Wilshere, a product of Arsene’s trust in youth, starts and finishes one of the most flamboyant goals the Premier League has ever seen.

Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle United, 2002

Some would say this is the greatest goal that the Premier League has ever seen, let alone just within Wenger’s 811 games. Bergkamp embodied Arsenal in the late-nineties and carried them into the new millennium, too, with his icy composure and silky skill setting the tone for those around him. His team-mates and his manager couldn’t have expected this from him, though, as he deftly touches a ball around his man in a manner you can’t even describe with words. How did he do it?

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