For this edition of the Life After Football Playlist, we’ve called on Premier League defender, Nathan Akè to select some of his choices.

The young Bournemouth defender is, game by game and now season by season, establishing himself as a fine central defender for Bournemouth, living in the seaside town where we met him for our cover shoot back in 2016. Then on loan from Chelsea, Nathan has since made his move permanent and become a key player and fan favourite for The Cherries.

But what’s the soundtrack to his Premier League lifestyle right now?

He starts his playlist with a remix of the summer worldwide hit, Despacito. This song was so big a few months back, you could hear it anywhere from Bournemouth to Brazil and the remix with Bieber on it, has only improved the reach of the song.

From an international hit to a song from his homeland, Akè has chosen Broederliefde to continue the playlist. A Dutch pop-rap collective formed by childhood friends from the Spangen neighbourhood of Rotterdam, their song, Officieel adds an element of Dutch to the playlist of a man who left Holland at a young age to pursue his football career.

Two additions from Drake feature on this selection, with Gyalchester and the more recently dropped, God’s Plan bringing the ‘6 God’ to yet another playlist – and you can’t really deny he’s worthiness of featuring either. Supplying constant hits across a demographic as wide as the world, Drizzy continues to kill it.

That leaves just three tunes left of Nathan’s playlist, the first of which is French Montana and Swae Lee’s track, Unforgettable, from the rapper’s 2017 album, Jungle Rules. A chilled out track from Justin Timberlake’s provides one of the most recent releases on this contemporary selection from the defender, before he rounds it off with one of the biggest tracks from the UK’s summer – J Hus’ Did You See?

All in all, Ake gave us a worldwide playlist, relevant to his life lived on both sides of the North Sea in the Netherlands and England. For more music from footballers, be sure to follow us on Spotify.