LAF PLAYLIST: Miquel Nelom


This edition of the LAF PLAYLIST comes from Sparta Rotterdam’s defender, Miquel Nelom.

The 27-year-old Feyenoord loanee shared with us a seven-track playlist, with the likes of Drake, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Yung Felix getting a spin from Miquel. He starts with Mr and Mrs Roc-a-fella, Jay-Z and Beyonce, with their feature on DJ Khaled’s album. Top Off provides a star-studded start to a hip-hop heavy selection from this week’s player.

Next, arguably the song of the moment; God’s Plan by Drake. A popular artist choice for these playlists and a popular song, too, there’s no denying (or escaping) how great this tune in from the 6 God. From Canada and the US, Nelom then goes more international and keeps it football-related, too, with Afro B’s tune, Drogba (Joanna).

Of Ivorian descent, just like Didier Drogba, himself, Afro B’s song provides a fresh sound to the playlist, taking inspiration from African music and culture and summing that up by paying tribute to one of the greatest African footballer’s of all time. Next, Nigerian artist, Whizkid takes over with Soweto Baby, a song from that unique part of the world, too, as Miquel’s music taste proves to be spread across the globe.

Yung Felix and SFB then take over, as the playlist goes Dutch with the next two tracks. With features from Poke and Dopebwoy, Loco shows the colourful nature of Dutch dance and hip-hop in particular, before this LAF PLAYLIST is wrapped up with some Migos.

From their recently released sequel album, Culture II, Narcos is another popular choice with some of the player’s who have submitted their own playlist in recent weeks. To check them all, head to Life After Football’s Spotify page.