LAF Picks: Cobra Art

Cobra Art is of the brighter faces of Amsterdam’s art scene, sitting right off Museumplein with their stunning brandstore. They’re quite different from anyone else given their fashion- and design-minded interpretation of art. That becomes quite obvious when stepping into their store: no more white gallery walls, but a genuine feeling of stepping into someone’s home. Owners Mike and Jeannette van Rijswijk travel the world to collect the most limited and beautiful works of art. Cobra Art and its collection is sexy, it’s exciting, extravagant and anything but standard. The exclusive character of the company is what makes for the fact that you can’t stop staring at their collection. Twice a year, they drop a new collection, always of an international character. Why? Because Cobra’s owners appreciate the worldly character of the art: they simply don’t want you to know from which part of the world the art is from – moreover, in which part of the world the art is hung.

Inside the aforementioned brandstore, they have work from all over the world with some amazing one-off pieces and limited edition masterpieces from some of the art world’s most wanted. We welcomed them to our Fashion Player Awards a few months back where they decorated one corner of our venue with staggering art and now, for this edition of LAF Picks, we must whittle them down to our favourite three.

Without further ado, let’s let these pictures speak for themselves.


ALI vs USA by Ashleigh Summer

This one of one piece depicts one of the true sporting greats and, looking into the details of the newspaper cuttings and other such additions, it depicts much more than just Ali. His was a career that spanned many years, many knock-outs and even more to question race relations in the USA. All of this has lead to many believing he was and is the greatest sportsman of all time – more than a few would love such a fitting tribute in their home so be sure to quickly claim your limited edition.

Gangsters Reunion by James Chiew

Gangsters Reunion by James Chiew

How many famous gangsters can you spot? James Chiew pays homage to the likes of The Sopranos, The Godfather, Scarface and many and many more in this amazing matserpiece. Only 10 of these have ever been made, making them exclusive as well as captivating. With so many iconic characters pictured, it’s hard not to feel a little bit like Don Corleone when you gaze into it. Are you going to make them an offer they can’t refuse?

Jealousy by Axel Crieger

Jealousy by Axel Crieger

Axel Crieger’s depiction of jealousy here is as glamorous as it is sombre. Amazing textures and colours shine through the dark undertones of this extremely limited edition work of art. The scene is set by the shimmering light and this is a piece of art that will do just that on a wall in your home. There are subtle details amongst the gold that it may take you some time to appreciate every single inch – a truly timeless piece.

All of these pieces and so much more are available from Cobra Art – some online and some in their beautiful Amsterdam gallery which is certainly worth a visit.