Life After Football, Footgolf 2017

Yesterday was a long-awaited event, the annual day of Footgolf that Life After Football hosts.

With a guest list ranging from Pierre van Hooijdonk to Eljero Elia to our great bunch of sponsors and partners, fun was had both on and off the course with food and refreshments courtesy of Chivas available at the chalet on sight. After nine challenging holes, such a fine banquet was well-earned.

Draped in the sharpest of Umbro gear, customized with our LAF Footgolf emblem just for the sake of a fine souvenir, the Grand Winners of the day were Orlando Engelaar, John van den Brom, Evgeniy Levchenko and team Gassan.

As well as the eventual champions, the good people at Cadillac were in attendance whose stylish vehicles, we have to admit, outdid the golf carts at the Golfcenter Seve. Gassan, Hugo Boss and TAG Heuer also joined us, helping to add that element of style and class that we can’t go without at a Life After Football event. Fine watches, fine jewellery and the like were in sight as our contestants aimed their most accurate¬†shots for the fairway – and every single minute on those watches was needed for some with a wayward aim. Also, shout outs to 433 for putting the foot in Footgolf, and to Motorola who helped to connect the whole thing up and connect each and every one of us together.

There’s a reason why this is one of the most highly anticipated days in the Life After Football calendar and yesterday was that. Roll on next year…