Lack of Guidance x Mundial Magazine: DIEGO

Fitting timely not just with our own incoming HEROES issue but also with their own issue number 10, Mundial Magazine has teamed up with Lack of Guidance to pay tribute to the greatest number 10 and one of our HEROES.

The Amsterdam-based brand takes inspiration from football and from the characters who make the sport the cultural phenomenon that it is. They’ve paid homage to Cruyff in the past, as well as reworking several famous logos for their own use – sometimes getting in trouble for doing so. But that’s what Lack Of Guidance is about – it’s separate from the sometimes sanitised world of modern football and geared around the subcultures and personalities around the sport. Diego Maradona, the ANTIHERO that he is, is, therefore, a perfect subject for this new release as L of G mix with the ever-stylish British swagger of Mundial Magazine to pay tribute to their current cover star’s days at Boca Juniors.

The iconic dark blue sets the background for the yellow stripe across, with the minimal design and high-quality materials giving the old school feel that this collaboration successfully achieves. The Diego shirt stems from 1981, a time before El Pueblo had moved to Barcelona and a time before he’d dumped England out of the World Cup with his hand and his genius. His time at Boca Juniors, the Buenos Aires giants, was his purest as a footballer.

The photos, taken by London-based photographer, Elliot Kennedy, show the vintage-styled shirt and it’s flexibility, being worn by both male and female models. If you order one of this limited edition shirts, it’ll even come in a special, packaged boxing, meaning you can have it on display in your house and boast about owning it even when you’re not wearing it.

These new shirts are available from Lack of Guidance and Mundial Mag from 2pm (CET) 16th August.