Jourmain, the luxury kids brand by Jeremain Lens


JOURMAIN, The luxury kids brand by Jeremain Lens has been launched at Merdedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. With the illustrations of Piet Paris as a backdrop, models and styles appear in a confetti of color and fabrics. 

Two years ago the football player Jeremain Lens got the idea to start the kids brand JOURMAIN.He hired a team of fashion professionals, all of who are the best in their area of expertise and whocan give their best to the creation of the brand. Just as Lens does in his métier. During the pasthalf year the first step into the future has been made with the launch of the first collection.

Love Your Main Thing

Jeremain Lens loves to combine pieces of clothing and likes to style his kids. He himself loves classy items with something that makes the item fashionable or special. A moment of inspiration guided him towards the possibility to transform his style into a brand.

Luxury and Craftsmanship

Couture fabrics are crafted into ready-to-wear candy. Classic styles like a salopette, bomber or trench coat become fashionable by the use of carefully selected materials and colors. Attention to detail makes JOURMAIN pieces of clothing ‘items to cherish’. The products last generations to come.

JOURMAIN is positioned in the ‘luxury’ market. Prices range from € 40 to € 400 with some exceptions of € 1000. Luxury at JOURMAIN is the time given to every part of the brand. A piece of clothing, a button or a catwalk show, people with an eye for detail and knowledge of the métier share their professionalism in order to make every aspect of the brand special.