JBL: From Woodstock to Generation X

Young, music loving, ambitious people with a real “work hard, play hard” mentality have been with the JBL headphones on their heads for ages…

“Turn it up!” Says the American electronics giant to those people, and JBL is a combination of celebration, relaxation, work and ambition, themselves. They bring music to life in a way that you can feel. It’s, therefore, no wonder that the best musicians, athletes and even concert halls worldwide use their equipment. Not only do DJs Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano wear their headphones, but also world class defender, Jerome Boateng reps the brand.

And the list goes on. Did you know that many of the best ballers in the NBA rest with their favourite JBL products on their ears? What many people may not know is that the even the legendary Woodstock festival used equipment from JBL in 1969 – a momentous checkpoint in musical and political history with a soundtrack provided by Hendrix and company – helped by JBL.

You can imagine that with years of experience working with festival crowds, the experts behind JBL know exactly what Generation X wants: hard work, hard partying and quality of both life and music. They meet all the needs of 2017: from a wireless, portable bluetooth speaker or mini-box for outside to a real boombox for a football session in the cage. Indoors and on the road, at festivals and in your bedroom, if you need a noise to be made, JBL have got you.