Jägermeister launch Manifest

bochinski_manifest-3 kopie

In the history of drinking, the launch of Jägermeister’s new premium spirit is a landmark – we were lucky enough to be there, in Berlin, when the new drink, Manifest, was first unveiled.

This new bottle from the famous brand is made with even more precision and care than their usual iconic drink. The original Jägermeister contains 56 botanicals, Manifest contains more than 60 and is made using five macerates rather than four, made by grinding  all the herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits that give it that unique taste. This new drink lives in a beautiful clear bottle, so you can watch the magical fluid pour out from inside as it fills up shot glasses the world over. The brand is establishing a new, more exclusive, cocktailbar-oriented type of liquor with its newest invention.

For now, this special drink can be purchased in a hand-picked selection of cities, including Berlin and our very own Amsterdam, itself, but knowing the universal appeal of Jägermeister, there will be people all over the world who are hoping to taste it. Should you be looking to taste this new amber-coloured, herbal taste of exclusivity, make sure to schedule a visit to The Dr., Stirr, Noah, Breakaway Café or Suicide Club in Rotterdam. In Amsterdam the Jager’s newest invention is to be found at Feijoa, Porem, Tunes Bar, Door 74 and Njoy.


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