IZAKAYA: Unique, Asian-Peruvian fusion lands in Ibiza

After opening in Hamburg a few weeks ago, IZAKAYA is expanding even further – bringing their unique blend of tantalising cuisine and supreme design to no lesser location than Ibiza.

The luxurious, party holiday hub seems an ideal location for the fun establishment, as the special combination of Japanese and South American food will meet in Ibiza.  Opened in the centre, overlooking the old town and Ibiza Marina, IZAKAYA’s extravagant dining experience will be a new highlight for visitors looking for some good vibes on the island.

‘The traditional’ Izakaya can be seen as a Japanese pub: a cornerstone in the Japanese food culture where a variety of snacks are enjoyed in a beautifully social manner. The true Japanese cuisine comes together with Peruvian flavours, brought to life by spices and herbs; modernising these classic dishes with a contemporary, culinary twist. This is the case not only with the menu but throughout the concept. It’s the heart of IZAKAYA: authentic, yet never traditional.

They’ve already impressed those fortunate enough to have savoured their flavours and enjoyed their atmosphere in the German cities of Munich, and as mentioned, the ever-hip, Hamburg. Their Ibiza venue will bring a whole new vibe as the super relaxed nature of holidayers, sun-kissed from a day at the beach or beginning a night out, come through their finely decorated doors and into the picturesque dècor of this special restaurant and bar.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Ibiza this summer, make sure you come through IZAKAYA.