International breaks: Knokke-Heist \ Magritte & The Sea

As it’s the international break, much of us have a break from the daily grind of club football. That’s why we bring you your own ‘international breaks’ for how to use your time off in the best way possible…


Those looking for an autumnal getaway should consider heading to the Belgian coast – the sun may be beginning to hide but the arts and rich culture of Knokke-Heist are present all year round.

There’s a concentration of art galleries in Knokke-Heist like very few seaside towns around the world, with the area having a colourful history for fine art. This has naturally lead to a number of superb art galleries as well as some public art pieces, scattered all over the already scenic part of Belgium to make it even more stunning.

A current exhibition that you’ve got to get to will be sitting in the Cultuurcentrum of Knokke-Heist,Scharpoord for the fall season. The work of famous surrealist René Magritte has come to the region 50 years since he passed away, and they’re celebrating his life with a collection of his work that is largely inspired by the beauty of Knokke-Heist itself.

Always weird and wonderful, he’s one of the most famous artists of all time. We all know ‘The Son of Man,’ the painting where a green apple covers the face of a well-dressed, bowler hat wearing man, but his work dedicated to the sea is perhaps less often seen. As Magritte spent a lot of his summers in Knokke-Heist, the sea was used as an inspiration in 25 of his most famous works. The beach, waves, sea and blue sky are famously used backgrounds in a lot of his works, pieces that can be seen at this truly special exhibition that begins this month; “Magritte & De Zee.”

There’s a lot of reasons to visit Knokke-Heist. In the summer it’s all about the beach and catching some sun. but as the leaves turn and the sun begins to hide behind clouds, giving the region an Autumnal glow, it’s the perfect time to take in some culture. As it’s fifty years since this truly great artist passed away, this is a really rare occasion to be a part of.

For more information on the exhition, you can visit here, or for more info on how to make your own Knokke-Heist getaway, visit the region’s really useful tourism hub.