iDDNA: Completely unique skincare

There are plenty of products out there that claim to help keep us looking younger and feeling healthier – it is a crowded market.

Skin creams, diet plans and more science behind all of these solutions than a high-school curriculum.

However, very few companies will be able to match idDNA when it comes to providing a whole range of age-defying methods and products, nor are they likely to be as effective.

Combining DNA-based, genetic information about yourself as well as and circumstantial, lifestyle-related factors, they’ve set up an incredible catalogue of skincare products. How? Well, it’s not simple – to us at least, but it must be for idDNA because they’ve been killing it for some time now.


Their team maps their treatment from individual information using a DNA-swab. The Swiss-based skincare manufacturer uses the exact method as a certain Barack Obama. And hey, if it’s good enough for the current ‘leader of the free world’ etc.

Their belief revolves around the fact that every single person on this planet is different, and therefore each needs a different plan to be the healthiest and youngest looking they can possibly be. idDNA certainly do not have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality and it is that which makes them so special.

Combining skincare and lifestyle advice on foods, drinks and exercise, a complete package can revitalize your skin. Basic programs start with a duration of 60 days and will give natural long lasting results because the product doesn’t only work on your skin, but it works on your genes.

Get introduced with idDNA via KnapInsitute Amsterdam or iDNA.Works