How the Fashion Player Award was won…

Photography: Cesur Ces Civelek
Creative direction: Amy Kleingeld
Issue 49 – Roots

A couple months back, the Fashion Player Award of 2017 was a mere drawing board. A collection of names who may be worthy of the prize; Sinkgraven, Veldwijk, El Ahmadi, Büttner and Lens. But only one could win it, and here’s how he did it…

Voting began in October as the names were unveiled and photoshoots wrapped up. We met Karim El Ahmadi in Rotterdam and Sinkgraven in his adopted city of Amsterdam. Mainstays at their clubs, they seemed early favourites for the title with the fans of both Feyenoord and Ajax doing their bit to support their star.

The FPA went international when it came to finding Jeremain Lens. The Dutch winger is, of course, plying his trade with the Turkish side, Besiktas, meaning a few days of photoshoots in the sun for the LAF team. Dusty streets and amazing views meant a breathtaking photoshoot with Jeremain, one that we now know, won him the final prize.

But it was extremely close. Efforts from Büttner and Veldwijk pushed them, but Sinkgraven and Lens emerged as the two favourites among LAF readers and football fans. At one point it looked like Ajax’s devoted fanbase would secure Daley the prize, but you can’t underestimate the passion and loyalty of the Turkish support. Lens shot into the lead at the eleventh hour, picking up the prize at Sugar City at our event just over a week ago.

How tight it was proved the presence of fashion culture within football culture with any of these players being a worthy winner. Fortunately, though, Lens wasn’t the only person to win big from the Fashion Player Awards. If you voted for a player, you automatically entered the draw to win his signed shirt. So, whether you voted for the Ajax, Feyenoord, Besiktas, Vitesse or Groningen player, check your mail. You may have a fashion player award of your own in the post…

Until next year, thanks for being part of the FPAs.