Gosha Rubchinskiy combines brands and cultures for SS18

This brand causes a stir on every single runway that they feature on, and the latest collection from Gosha Rubchinskiy has continued this trend as well as setting new ones.

From sportswear, tracksuited fashion that snuck into Russia following the end of Cold War tensions as the Berlin Wall crumbled in 1989, to the presence of the iconic Burberry patterns that stem from good old fashion, English consumerism, Gosha Rubchinskiy has merged different walks of life in one stunning collection.

Football is playing it’s part, too, with adidas Football 90s aesthetic being resparked, not for the time on the runway and not for the first time by this Russian brand. Look out for a full-kit outfit from jersey to socks, in amongst more traditionally smart, dapper looks that an amazing collection of button-up shirts and polo shirts create.

Quite often, fashion and the high level has elements of an aura that is extremely high-brow, often too abstracted for the man on the street to even wear. Yet aspects of this collection such as the baggy tees or the already mentioned shirts and polos are very comfortable, realistic options for the everyday man, yet, of course, extremely stylish.

The way such looks as the loose-bottom jeans or the collared jacket with a polo shirt have survived from the streets of the 1980s to catwalks of 2017, shows just how timeless some of this work is. The combination of different cultures and brands is a wonderful concoction and represents the shift from Russia being a nation isolated from the West to one that can fully embrace, or more likely pick and choose, the exact pieces of culture it wishes to after the ice of the Cold War melted.