GIN NEO: Jin Hu serves dishes you could not possibly make yourself


In the heart of Amsterdam, you will find GIN NEO, a place with that quintessential neo-bistro vibe we so rarely experience in the Netherlands. Surrounded by sturdy street art and dim, warm light we sat down for eight courses of awesomeness.

If you’re looking for another run-off-the-mill type of restaurant then please stop reading because we are convinced that GIN NEO is nothing like that. As a matter of fact we dare say that no matter how long you think, research, practice and cook: the things created in here are nothing you could ever do yourself. Chef Jin Hu makes combinations of flavours which make you perceive him as an alchemist rather than a chef. Adventurous taste combinations leave you stunned with how unexpectedly good it is. Moreover, you seriously wonder how he came up with the combination in the first place. For instance, who would have ever come up with a white chocolate bon bon filled wth yellow curry? It wouldn’t have been us but we’ll line up for another portion for the rest of the year, if we could.


Every month Jin creates six new dishes based on his youth, the season and emotions. They reflect a very personal approach. Given his roots (sidestep: he used to be a pro footballer!) in China and his current life in The Netherlands, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you find cultural references of Asia and Europe intertwined in these dishes.

All in all, GIN NEO is urban though high-end, laid-back though complex. Its dishes are set up by an incredibly innovative mind, someone with an eye for the finest detail. Having food at GIN NEO is an experience more so than just a dinner. They serve a full menu of 8 courses for 70 euro and while you’re at it… We recommend you ask Jin for his selection of matching wines.