Fysiomed: Career prolonging fitness

Have you ever wondered how some players manage to stay at the top of their game, defying injuries and sometimes even age, to continue playing at their best, even though they’ve had the same physio treatment as their colleagues? Well, some players are getting more fitness attention, that’s why…

The Amsterdam-based Fysiomed has established itself as a gym that a wide range of professional athletes rely on for quality services – be it help to condition one’s self during the early stages of a career, or helping to extend one with injury prevention and advanced fitness regimes.

Along their journey since setting up in 1993, they have worked with some big names, especially in football. Collaborations with legendary figures, even back then in the 90s like Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard helped not only these players develop good strength and fitness, but helped Fysiomed to learn, too. Later, work with some of the most talented players based in the Netherlands such as Clarence Seedorf, Robin van Persie, Kevin Strootman and Christian Eriksen saw their work, along with the players, move across the highest levels of the European game – ensuring that as well as the talents of the footballers, the name of Fysiomed spread, too.

But amazingly, their work isn’t just exclusive to the sporting elite. Everyone who walks into Fysiomed is asked the same questions; what is your goal? And, how will Fysiomed help you achieve your goal?

Their clients are tested, examined and analysed upon entry, meaning each regime is specifically tailored to the person in question, and geared around finding an answer to those two questions above. They strive to enable people to achieve their fitness goals which, as we only know too well, can stem from sporting achievements yet grow into so much more. Their team is 35 experts big, and the effect of Fysiomed’s expertise has been felt across teams even bigger; AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Ajax, Bayern, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG and the Dutch national team… it’s a strong list.

Back in the early days and early movements of Fysiomed, circa 1992.

When it comes to their athletes, they pride themselves on 5 things;

  1. Continuous monitoring
  2. A customized, personal training program
  3. Extensive team of 80 specialists
  4. Scientific based methodologies
  5. Years of experience in the top sport

And when these are all put into practice, the results always come. It’s a tried and tested service and that’s why so many of Europe’s top footballing talent rely on Fysiomed. Dealing with so many top players and top clubs, yet being an independent team of their own, they’re something of a squad of unsung heroes in the sporting world.