FW 17: Daily Paper latest lookbook

The Amsterdam-based street fashion brand always takes inspiration from their African roots, and for their latest collection, inspo comes from Congo to the streets of Europe.

For this lookbook, Daily Paper set its pieces in the midst of barren landscapes in order to showcase the collection’s key themes of stealth and adaptation seen through the eyes of a “third culture” youth. How people adapt to their cities, be it socially or with their fashion choice, is a key part of the new collection and they’ve depicted that brilliantly with these powerful images.

Topographic map prints of the Ituri forest and prints inspired by Mbuti tribe of the Democratic Republic of Congo make this the latest, beautifully unique collection from the Amsterdam brand as they scan the globe for influence in a manner which very few rarely do.

Although some looks may appear challenging, maybe too much so for the average high street dresser, we encourage people to pick and choose elements from each look be it an amazing looking jacket for the cold months ahead, or that classic Daily Paper football scarf.

The full collection will, of course, be available in their Amsterdam store and online.