Flexitarian eats at nhow Rotterdam

Oh, you’re vegan? Thanks for repeatedly letting us know about your ethical diet over this falafel and hummus date.

Just like in fashion, the food world has trends that people love to follow. But in all seriousness, a diet of veganism or vegetarianism based on ethical reasons is something to be admired, despite some of the stigmas that seem to surround such dieters among meat-eaters. One of the latest trends in the world of fashionable eats in flexitarianism – that is, being meat-free for the majority of all meals but not completely, so.

This may sound like being a cheating vegetarian but that’s not what it’s about at all; it’s about making a conscious effort to eat more ethically without making a complete life-change. This is nothing new as the likes of Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney started the Meat-Free Monday campaign in 2009, encouraging people to just eat meat less often rather than giving up cold turkey (and fried chicken and roast beef).

nhow Rotterdam, the wonderfully designed hotel is on trend and doing it properly in their bar and kitchen. As well as surrounding yourself in stunning interior design and architecture at this Rotterdam hub, you can also grab yourself some high-quality, healthy and thanks to their new menu, extremely forward-thinking, environmentally friendly foods.

Whether you go for a quick meal in between meetings or for a more major dinner date, the food is always accompanied by a fantastic view and a great ambience typical of the vibrant city that it calls home. And, their flexitarian menu adds another element to this undoubtedly cool spot. All the dishes are prepared as a vegetarian meal but can be supplemented with either meat, poultry and/or fish if required, with their finely detailed menu allowing the meals to work with or without.

Take a look at their menu if you need some more tempting to swing by…

If you’re looking to stay or stop by, take a look at nhow Rotterdam’s website where you can book a table, book room and of course, explore something new from the latest trend in the culinary world.