Flamini: Prepared for his Life After Football, now

It’s no secret that professional football can be a lavishly paid job, with enormous wage packets being paid to the biggest names in the sport and sizeable salaries landing to anyone in one of Europe’s major leagues.

But it’s a short career. Players enter it an extremely young age and in some cases, are too young to even learn the significance of the money coming their way. This is why agents, accountants and financial advisors have become more and more present in the modern game, helping players to make good decisions and good investments with their money. As players often retire shortly after turning the other side of thirty, a smart financial plan is crucial to enjoy the fruits of their labour for the rest of their lives.

Mathieu Flamini (right), defensive midfielder and shrewd businessman

Mathieu Flamini (right), defensive midfielder and shrewd businessman

Take Mathieu Flamini, an extreme case of outstanding money management. As we at LAF know, football is the first love of footballers but that doesn’t by any means have to be where their hobbies end. Some are into cars, some into music, many are into fashion, but Flamini? Turns out the former Arsenal midfielder had a secret interest in the bio-economy of renewable energy.

This isn’t a lesson in biochemicals, this is a lesson in forward-thinking and wise money management. After founding GF Biochemicals during his time at AC Milan with business partner, Pasquale Granata, Flamini became the co-owner of one of the most eco-friendly and profitable companies in renewable energy – in a market worth up to 20 billion.

Now, not everyone has to have the financial and scientific nous of Mathieu Flamini, but his post-football planning, made during his peak as a player, is an example of the potential one can achieve with those weekly wages. At 33, he is in between clubs but reaping the rewards of exploring his hobby outside of football – others in the game should be encouraged to do the same.

So start a brand, make some music, buy some shares, invest in what you love. There are big decisions to be made and people to help you make them – Hoek en Blok have been doing this for years. They help entrepreneurs and business ideas flourish, helping those behind them learn and develop their skills from the admin and far beyond.

You don’t have to be saving the world like Flamini, but if you have a business idea that you want to turn into reality, getting in touch with these financial and business experts is a great place to start.