Financial planning for a life after football…

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Not only do the biggest footballers (Messi, Neymar) try to get sneak past tax authorities, even ‘ordinary’ Dutch people do their best to throw the tax office off the scent, albeit mostly via a lot less complicated means.

You may think this occurrence is a very complicated illegal construction, but it’s often quite the opposite. Putting assets into a mutual fund is only one of the possibilities to put money aside for after your football career, your life after football, so to speak. Footballers prefer to focus on the game during their active career and as little as possible on peripheral issues. That’s why too little thought is being given to the future. Several examples have been known from the past of players who, after a prosperous career, have experienced financial problems in years after.

The fund for a common account can be compared to a BV. It is a ‘legal form’ in which assets can be invested. Capital is deposited in a fund to substantially reduce the tax levy. In a fund, it is easier than with a private limited company to transfer money or take it out again if it should be needed in the future. To be prepared for a financial dip after your football career, it is very important to think about the future during your career and how you are already setting aside money for that period.

To prevent you from having unpleasant surprises, Hoek en Blok can draw up a financial plan together with you. Your desired disposable income can be predetermined in the future by planning for it now. This can be done, for example, by setting aside money through a mix of private investments, a ‘Savings-BV’, an Open Fund for General Account and/or bank savings. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know what is best for you, hit up Hoek en Blok.¬†They draw up a plan with you to get the best out of your financial¬†future.