FG Aruba Trip: Dutch chef launches his own holiday

François Geurds has become the first chef to launch a full holiday.

François Geurds, the Dutch chef, is known for his taste and adding lots of flavour to his cooking, but he’s now bringing that expertise to holidays on the island where his roots lie; Aruba. Geurds has three Michelin-awarded restaurants: FG Restaurant, FG Food Labs and FG Bistro (Bib Gourmand) in Rotterdam. As the sole chef in the Netherlands, he has his own taste laboratory, pushing boundaries in the culinary world from within the Dutch borders. But this is an international excursion… 


This master chef is at home in every market: from haute cuisine to street food and he brings this versatility to Aruba – the beautiful, sunny, ‘Happy Island.’ Commissioned by the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), Geurds dotted a voyage along his favorite spots on his favorite holiday island. FG Aruba Trip contains exclusive tips for an exclusive trip. He not only gives his culinary addresses, he also points out the most beautiful beaches, the power of the omnipresent aloe vera plant, the most luxurious salons for a relaxing massage and the most important sights. His trip is full of practical information and interesting facts. FG Aruba Trip is a handy guide for an unforgettable holiday.

The holidaymaker is completely free to follow his tips, but he or she may of course also give it their own twist- it’s the Geurds way, after all! But anyone booking an FG Aruba Trip will see that Francois’ attention-to-detail doesn’t even end at the airport – during a final ALL-IN eight-course menu in FG Restaurant, lots can still be enjoyed before your plane home.

FG Restaurant, Aruba

FG Restaurant, Aruba

FG Aruba Trip offers various accommodation options, and can be booked from 2,350 euros per person – based on 9 days – via SilkTravel.