#FashionFridays: The Ringleaders

The Ringleaders FC aren’t as the name suggests just a football club, they’re much more a movement for the greater good of footballing culture, on the pitch you’d be remiss to think that these weren’t serious about football. With ability not on the list of priorities, a careful selection of team mates is made for a harmonious and good vibes only atmosphere. Aiming to keep the love for the sport alive even at amateur level and all the joys that then come with it at the epicentre of RFC’s objective, despite the ever growing commercialisation of the sport.

And as The Ringleaders tend to be about the culture a set of goalposts and a ball only scratches the surface, they’ve already a long list of capsule collections and collaborations behind them and this Sunday are launching their FW’17 range. Available exclusively to Off The Hook at their downtown location in Montreal but if that proves too difficult, you can also pick it up online.