#FashionFriday: Hugo Boss on the catwalk

This week we had the pleasure of helping to live stream the much-anticipated catwalk show of Hugo Boss and New York Fashion Week.

People tuned in from all over the globe to watch models strut in the FW18 collection from Boss, and they weren’t disappointed, as some amazing pieces emerged. With a strong sports influence, HB bought some winter warming garments that felt like a reference to the present weather outside.

For that spoken of ‘sports’ look, check the lettering on this slick rucksack, with those fonts looking quintessentially baseball. In the home of the Yankees, such a look wasn’t out of place. Continuing the sporty theme, and also keeping their clientele warm in this bitterly cold February days, the brown puffer is a really special piece. Think catwalk Wenger, think ‘best-dressed bench in football.’

It’s pieces like these that ensure that every fashion week, be it New York, London or otherwise, Hugo Boss are always watched by the many. Their ability to take direct inspiration from the city itself in which they display their latest collections is a real skill, as Boss’ nod to New York culture shines through even in this considerably less bright winter days.

Check Hugo Boss’ own website for the full coverage of everything they sent down the iconic runway at NYFW.