Fashion Friday: Palace GORE-TEX


Put the Christmas jumper back in the wardrobe, there’s not a snowflake in sight for this fashion Friday.

And if you get your hands on this super swaggy Palace GORE-TEX jacket today, there’s not gonna be any rain bothering you either. ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry (AF),’ these jackets come with that classic sense of humour from Palace with that exact tagline written on the inside of every one, as the skatebrand bring their style to end a consistent 2017.

Beautiful Gore-Tex piping adds the fine details to each and every one of these jackets that released on December 22nd. Coming in orange (“yellow”), blue, purple and black, the water-resistant outerwear makes them extremely functional as well as fashionable, as Palace become the latest to collab with one of the most famous materials in fashion.

The hood welcomes adjustable pulls, while the pockets are zippered, and the closure is then double zippered for more functionality in these much-talked-about jackets. The Palace’s winter GORE-TEX jackets were scheduled to arrive this Friday, (December 22) in-store and online, so if you like the look of them, act fast.