Destination Abu Dhabi: dream away in the Etihad Dreamliner!

Flying right into the heart of the United Arab Emirates, from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi, without those annoying transfers. Etihad Airways enables passengers to fly on direct flights as of this month. We’ve known for a while that Dubai is a cool place, but as it’s growing to be hyped more and more it has become time for us to venture out to more undiscovered grounds. It goes without saying that dazzling Abu Dhabi is one of these places, a pearl in the Middle-East.


What else is new? An incredible amount of comfort on board. Depending on your budget, they allow you to travel seated in Economy Smart Seats (more space for low prices! Hurrah!) to Business Studios. These studios give 20% more personal space and 100% more comfort as you kick back in massage chairs on board, watching your favourite series from an 18-inch touchscreen TV. We don’t think nine hours of flying has ever gotten you to a destination as relaxed as you will be when hopping on board the new Etihad Dreamliner.