Cobra Art Brandstore

Cobra Art Brandstore, Van Baerlestraat is a luxury art concept store and an extension of the Cobra Art Company as their first brick and mortar store, strategically situated between the high fashion stores of PC Hoofstraat and the famous galleries and museums of the Museum Quarter.

The humble beginnings in which Cobra comes from is a stark contrast to what it has become, retailing in luxurious and exclusive art is a far cry from the picture frame reproduction and screen printing history of the company. Heirs to the company Mike and Jeanette van Rijswijk scoured the globe, dealing in art and looking for artists and photographers that represented their own artistic vision. And for over the last 20 years have taken the company to the pinnacle of art wholesale


The Masterpiece collection – which spawns from collaborations with well-known artists coming as one-off pieces or in limited edition. The work mostly photographers is printed on plexiglass and enhanced further with metal paint, liquid gloss and resin, ranging in themes of fashion, lifestyle, pop art, urban art, artistic nude and abstract art for a contemporary and unique art collection.

With a customer base of luxury interior stores, architects, interior designers, hotels and project developers, as well as art wholesalers and distributors. Cobra gives an opportunity for the general public to consume the art that can be seen in galleries from cities all over the world, becoming the pret-a-porter of art with their new concept store.

The Cobra Art Brandstore is open from Monday to Saturday 09:30-18:30 on Van Baerlestraat 8, Amsterdam.